6 Benefits of Partnering with Amazon FBA Prep & Warehouse Service Providers

Have you heard the saying, your business is only as good as your product/service?  The same concept applies to preparing, packaging, warehousing, and shipping your FBA inventory.  Businesses that are inefficient or ineffective at managing this portion of their operation will inevitably face poor inventory management, gaps within the supply chain, damaged products, and negative customer reviews. When you partner with an FBA prep and warehouse provider you can rest assured that these inefficiencies will not exist.


The range of services vary between industry providers.  In general, here are the most common services available:

Product Inspection – In some regions, approximately 15% of all Amazon orders are returned, which can mostly be attributed to poor product integrity. Verifying items are in appropriate condition is vital to end-user satisfaction.

Product Sorting – This process can be quite time-consuming for any business. Financially, allowing experts to manage product sorting is advantageous to any business.

Product Preparation – The preparation process can include a variety of tasks. For example, labeling, bubble wrapping, poly bagging, promotional inserts, bundling, and sticker removal.  Ensuring items are prepared in compliance with Amazon’s rules and regulations can be quite the task.  Utilizing Amazon FBA Prep services eliminates the risk of mishandling your product, which saves you time in labor, material, and transportation expenses.

Warehousing – Businesses are consistently challenged with securing appropriate space to hold their inventory.  Outsourcing your warehouse needs to Amazon FBA Warehouse providers is an excellent way to minimize your storage and labor costs.


Depending on your business model, there are wide-ranging benefits to securing an Amazon FBA Prep & Warehousing partner.  6 benefits are:

  1. Brands Selling On Amazon – Brands that sell directly to consumers on Amazon are often surprised to learn the challenges and costs associated with maintaining FBA inventory levels.  Partnering with an Amazon FBA Prep and Warehouse provider can reduce costs across the board by limiting labor responsibilities, materials for prep, and storage requirements. Also, having experts readily available to assist in your growth is invaluable to any business.
  2. Buying Direct From Wholesalers – A common sourcing method for Amazon FBA sellers is to purchase inventory directly from various wholesalers.  In most cases, the merchandise does not arrive from the wholesaler in compliance with Amazon’s strict selling requirements.  By using an Amazon FBA Prep service provider, you can delegate the preparation responsibilities, which allows for a hands-free experience along with minimal time investment.
  3. Reduced Overhead – Many Amazon FBA sellers are running million-dollar businesses from the comfort of their own homes because they partner with FBA prep and warehousing services. This means they’re not tasked with sourcing or paying for employees, office supplies, warehouse space, and other utilities. This results in a savings of thousands of dollars and hours of valuable time every month.
  4. Location – Many Amazon FBA sellers are headquartered in different geographical regions from their wholesalers.  When this happens, it’s beneficial to partner with an Amazon FBA Prep & Warehousing provider that is located near the wholesaler’s location. Equally as important, is the service provider’s location as it relates to the nearest Amazon Fulfillment Center.  Taking both of these into account will significantly lower your transportation expenses.
  5. Business Growth – Managing a thriving business can be rewarding, but also burdensome as a result of the additional demand.  Don’t allow success to hold your business back.  Many of the most successful Amazon FBA sellers are outsourcing their prep and warehousing to various service providers.  There is a reason why so many are electing to make the transition.  Maintain a competitive advantage over your competition by utilizing an expert FBA prep and warehouse provider today.
  6. Time & Expense Savings – Sustaining FBA inventory levels can be a financial burden to any company.  Amazon FBA sellers can decrease time, resources, and financial obligations by partnering with an FBA Prep and Warehouse service provider.  Similarly, Amazon FBA Prep and Warehouse services are highly efficient in their processes, which means your merchandise can be prepared in a fraction of the time.

Does this sound like a solution your business needs?  Stampede has you covered.  contact us today for a free quote.

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